Add-on Services based on SAP® Generative AI

Maturity Integration for SAP® Generative AI: Fostering Creativity in Intelligent Environments

How it's done:

Integrating Generative AI within the SAP® AI maturity framework involves assessing the organization's readiness to leverage creative AI technologies. This process evaluates the maturity of existing creative initiatives, the integration of Generative AI tools, and the potential for fostering innovation and creativity within the SAP® BTP environment.

Inputs needed:

Data on Existing Creative Initiatives: Insights into the organization's current creative endeavors, including projects, campaigns, and the impact of creative outputs on business objectives.

Generative AI Landscape Details: A comprehensive analysis of Generative AI tools, considering capabilities, trends, and emerging technologies, to inform strategic integration within SAP® BTP.

Organizational Creative Structure: Understanding the distribution of creative talent, innovation leaders, and the organizational structure supporting creative initiatives.

Stakeholders and roles:

Creative Teams: Contribute insights into the organization's current creative maturity, offering perspectives on how Generative AI can enhance artistic and innovative outputs.

Innovation Leaders: Provide strategic guidance on integrating Generative AI to foster innovation, creativity, and generate novel solutions within the organization.

AI Experts: Play a central role in assessing the technical aspects of Generative AI maturity, evaluating the effectiveness of creative AI technologies and their alignment with SAP® BTP capabilities.


The integration of SAP® Generative AI within the SAP® AI maturity framework typically extends the assessment by an additional 2 to 3 months. This timeframe allows for the evaluation of Generative AI tools, testing, and the development of a roadmap for seamless integration within the SAP® BTP environment.


Generative AI Maturity Integration Report: A detailed report outlining the organization's readiness to integrate Generative AI within the SAP® BTP framework. This report provides insights into creative maturity, potential enhancements, and strategic recommendations.

Innovation Roadmap: A visual representation of how Generative AI will be utilized to foster innovation and creativity within the organization, aligning with broader strategic objectives.

Performance Metrics: Defined metrics to measure the impact of Generative AI integration on creative outputs, innovation processes, and organizational objectives.

Pricing and Time Slabs:

Low Complexity:: Time Slab: 2 to 3 months

Medium Complexity: Time Slab: 3 to 4 months

High Complexity: Time Slab: 4 to 6 months

Pricing considerations for SAP® Generative AI integration build upon the SAP® AI Maturity Assessment, with additional costs related to the complexity of Generative AI tools, the scale of creative initiatives, and the organization's size. The pricing structure reflects the depth of analysis, the complexity of Generative AI integration, and the strategic importance of fostering creativity and innovation within the SAP® BTP environment.