AI Maturity Assessment using SAP® Business AI and BTP

Our solutions for SAP® AI (Based on SAP® BTP) Maturity Assessment: 

How it's done:

Assessing the maturity of SAP® AI within the SAP® Business Technology Platform (BTP) involves using frameworks like the AI Maturity Model. This comprehensive process evaluates data readiness, technology infrastructure, talent, and the effectiveness of existing AI use cases. The goal is to provide organizations with a clear understanding of their current AI maturity level and strategic insights for improvement.

Inputs needed:

Data on Existing AI Initiatives: A detailed overview of the organization's current AI initiatives, including implemented SAP® AI solutions and their impact on business operations.
Technology Infrastructure Details: Insights into the existing technology landscape within the SAP® BTP environment, including the platforms and tools used for AI integration.
Organizational Structure: Understanding the organizational structure, including the distribution of AI expertise, IT leadership, and data science capabilities.

Stakeholders and roles:

AI Experts will play a central role in assessing the technical aspects of SAP® AI maturity, evaluating the effectiveness of AI technologies and their alignment with SAP® BTP capabilities.
IT Leaders will provide insights into the broader technology infrastructure, ensuring that SAP® AI initiatives are integrated seamlessly into the SAP® BTP environment.
Data Scientists will contribute specialized knowledge in evaluating data readiness, the quality of existing datasets, and the potential for advanced AI applications.


The duration of SAP® AI Maturity Assessment typically spans 2 to 4 months. This timeline allows for a comprehensive evaluation of data readiness, technology infrastructure, talent distribution, and the impact of existing AI use cases within the SAP® BTP ecosystem.


Maturity Assessment Report: A detailed report outlining the organization's current AI maturity level based on the AI Maturity Model. This report provides a comprehensive overview of strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.
Recommendations for Improvement: Strategic recommendations tailored to the organization's AI maturity level, outlining actionable steps to enhance capabilities within the SAP® BTP framework.

Pricing and Time Slabs:

Low Complexity:Time Slab: 2 to 3 monthsPricing (GBP) : 40K to 80K
Medium Complexity:Time Slab: 3 to 4 monthsPricing (GBP) : 80K to 150K
High Complexity:Time Slab: 4 to 6 monthsPricing (GBP) : 150K and above
Pricing for SAP® AI Maturity Assessment is consultancy-based, considering the depth of assessment required and the size of the organization. Low complexity scenarios may involve evaluating a relatively straightforward AI landscape, while high complexity scenarios may encompass intricate AI ecosystems within the SAP® BTP framework. The pricing structure reflects the level of detail in the assessment, the complexity of the organizational landscape, and the strategic importance of advancing AI capabilities within the SAP® BTP environment.