AI Blueprinting using SAP® Business AI and BTP

AI Blueprinting using SAP® Business AI and BTP

How it's done:

Developing an effective SAP® AI strategy based on the SAP® Business Technology Platform (BTP) is a collaborative process that engages key stakeholders. This process involves defining goals, assessing market trends, understanding organizational capabilities, and aligning AI initiatives with broader business objectives. The strategy aims to harness the power of SAP® BTP to seamlessly integrate AI technologies into organizational workflows, driving intelligent transformation.

Inputs needed:

Market Analysis: A thorough analysis of the AI landscape within SAP® BTP, considering the latest advancements, trends, and competitive offerings, forms the foundation for informed decision-making.
Organizational Goals: Aligning the SAP® AI strategy with organizational goals ensures that AI initiatives contribute directly to the overarching objectives and strategic vision of the organization.
Current Capabilities: A comprehensive assessment of existing SAP® systems, technological infrastructure, and organizational capabilities provides insights into the starting point for SAP® AI integration.
Stakeholder Input: Engaging key stakeholders, including executive leadership, AI experts, and department heads, ensures a holistic perspective. Executive leadership provides strategic guidance, AI experts contribute technical insights, and department heads offer operational context.

Stakeholders and roles:

Executive Leadership: Shapes the strategic vision, defines organizational goals, and provides guidance on how SAP® AI can be a catalyst for achieving those goals within the SAP® BTP ecosystem.
AI Experts: Bring technical expertise to the table, ensuring that the chosen SAP® AI technologies are in line with the capabilities and requirements of the SAP® BTP.
Department Heads: Offer insights into the practical business needs within their departments, ensuring that SAP® AI solutions are tailored to address specific operational challenges.


The development of an SAP® AI strategy based on SAP® BTP typically spans 2 to 3 months. This timeframe allows for a comprehensive analysis of market trends, organizational goals, and existing capabilities, followed by the collaborative development of a strategic roadmap for SAP® AI integration within the SAP® BTP ecosystem.


AI Strategy Document: A comprehensive document outlining the SAP® AI strategy within the SAP® BTP framework. This includes the vision, goals, and a roadmap for implementation.
High-level Roadmap: A visual representation of the key milestones, activities, and timelines for SAP® AI integration based on SAP® BTP, providing a strategic overview.
Executive Summaries: Concise summaries tailored for executive leadership, distilling the key elements of the SAP® AI strategy and its potential impact on organizational objectives.

Pricing and Time Slabs:

Low Complexity:Time Slab: 2 to 3 months
Medium Complexity:Time Slab: 3 to 4 months
High Complexity:Time Slab: 4 to 6 months

Pricing considerations for SAP® AI strategy consulting are influenced by the complexity of SAP® BTP integration, the scale of AI initiatives, and the size of the organization. Low complexity scenarios may involve a more straightforward integration, while high complexity scenarios may encompass intricate AI ecosystems within the SAP® BTP framework. The pricing structure reflects the depth of analysis, the complexity of the SAP® AI strategy, and the strategic importance of the initiatives within the SAP® BTP environment.