SAP® AI based Services

SAP® AI based Services

AI Strategy using SAP® Business AI and BTP

SAP® AI and Business Technology Platform (BTP) Strategy: Navigating Intelligent Transformation

How it's done:

Developing a robust AI strategy with SAP® AI and BTP involves a collaborative process that engages key stakeholders in defining goals, assessing market trends, understanding organizational capabilities, and aligning AI initiatives with broader business objectives. The strategy aims to leverage the capabilities of SAP's AI technologies within the broader context of the Business Technology Platform, ensuring a seamless integration that aligns with the organization's vision for intelligent transformation.

Inputs needed:

Market Analysis: Comprehensive market analysis provides insights into the current state of SAP® AI technologies, market trends, and the competitive landscape. This input helps organizations position their SAP AI and BTP strategy within the broader industry context.

Organizational Goals: Aligning such AI strategy with organizational goals is fundamental. Understanding where the organization aims to go strategically helps in shaping the AI initiatives to contribute directly to the achievement of those goals.

Current Capabilities: A thorough assessment of current capabilities, both in terms of SAP systems and organizational infrastructure, provides the baseline for defining the scope and potential of SAP® AI integration.

Stakeholder Input: Engaging key stakeholders, including executive leadership, AI experts, and department heads, ensures diverse perspectives are considered. Executive leadership provides strategic direction, AI experts contribute technical insights, and department heads offer operational context.

Stakeholders and roles:

Executive Leadership: Sets the strategic vision, defines organizational goals, and provides guidance on the role of SAP® AI and BTP in achieving those goals.

AI Experts: Contribute technical expertise in understanding the capabilities and limitations of SAP® AI technologies, ensuring a realistic and effective integration.

Department Heads: Provide insights into the operational needs and challenges within their respective departments, ensuring that SAP® AI solutions align with practical business requirements.


The SAP® AI and BTP strategy development typically span 2 to 3 months.

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